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Years of Quality Service.

We have enjoyed positive reviews from medical, automotive, hardware, aid electric stainless-steel polishing clients. We have earned this reputation from our years of providing quality services at affordable prices to our customers. Always satisfying the needs of our customers and making their tarnished stainless steel look as good as new is our priority.

We make use of buffing and abrasive polishing as the main applications to polish your stainless steel. However, depending on the project that we embark on, we can carry out other processes in removing tarnish from your steel. We make use of sophisticated equipment like the reciprocating plate, bar machines, plate finishers, tank head and buff machine to carry out our polishing services. We produce finished stainless steel from grinding to mirror. This permits us to produce high surface finishes to your product.

Stainless Steel Polishing

Quality Steel Polishing.

We can assure you that our polishing services will only remove a few metres of thickness from your products. We are committed to producing quality service and provide various check to determine the flatness, finish reading, and surface rating.

We comply with the standard of the industry that the product is to be used in, and are reliable in the delivery of the polished product.

Stainless Steel Buffing

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